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Services we Offer and Specialize

Services we Offer and Specialize

At MCP investigations security, we provide a variety of valuable services, all with the goal of finding accurate information quickly and confidentially. We know the truth is important you. For us, its the driving force behind our work. Whether it's investigating criminal activity or conducting witness interviews, we work with complete dedication and thoroughness. MCP investigations security has the expertise and resources to get the job done!

We offer a free and discreet, no cost, consultation to determine your need and best course of action. Most of our services have flat rates with no hidden fees. You will know your cost, upfront, before we begin the work for you.

Missouri Agency License Number: 2012038716 private investigation

Founder of MCP Investigations and Chief Detective, Missouri Licensed Private Investigator 2010030941

Services we Offer and Specialize

Services we Offer and Specialize

Services we Offer and Specialize

Workers Compensation Fraud


Cheating Spouse/Infidelity

Alimony Investigations/Co-Habitation

Pre-employment Screening

Tenant Screening

Pre-dating Investigations/Backgrounds

Nationwide Criminal Backgrounds

General Investigations

Witness Interviews & Locate Witnesses

Demand Letter Delivery

Child Custody Investigations

Child Support Investigations

Skip Tracing

Process Service


GPS real-time units for sale through our sister company GPS Spear

Missing Persons & Finding Lost Relatives

Undercover Worker Investigations (employer’s call for details) private investigation gps tracker for car realtime trackers


Why you Should Choose MCP

Services we Offer and Specialize

Why you Should Choose MCP

We believe the client should choose MCP Investigations & Security for several reasons, however, we will only suggest a few here.

Clients receive special attention and care when handling their cases

Clients materials, conversations and notes are all confidential

Clients always have access to the founder of MCP

Clients cases are never vended out so they know exactly what agency is working their files

Clients have 24/7 access to the files as their cases are being worked taking the guesswork out

 All the latest tools are used & all agents have several years experience in the investigation field

Clients should feel at ease knowing that they are using an A+ Rated BBB agency

We will always testify in court for our work performed for our clients

As I have stated these are only a few reasons why our clients choose us and why you should to! private investigation


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