SPEAR 1010 $350 per unit realtime tracker

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The picture shown is from the long-term use of our SPEAR 1010, real-time live tracking device. The testimony of this picture alone shows the quality of workmanship of what these trackers can go through & still put out a reliable signal. These are not cheap toys but we priced them for the civilian market. If you want to know for sure where your asset is located, or were you children are driving their vehicles and how fast they are driving, your suspecting your significant other of not being truthful or anything else you need to keep a close eye on, then look what we have to offer.

We use, as investigators, this very same tracker in some of our most difficult cases. Not only do we sell these trackers thru our sister company at www.gpsspear.com but we use them and have solved so many cases. These units sell anywhere from $350 up to $550 depending on where you are looking. Not only do you pay a premium price for a real-time tracker that is worth it but you’re also paying an average of $85 to activate the unit along with the contract of 3 to 6 months to a year and again another premium rate of $75 to $100 a month.

Our units are selling for $325 with no activation fee, no contracts, and only $50 a month which is only renewed if you tell us to renew it. You’re getting a quality product at a fair price no monthly commitments and only $50 a month guaranteed! You’re buying from a group of licensed private investigators who use the same product day in and day out to help solve their cases. If you have issues with the unit you call one of my private investigators and he will troubleshoot the unit for you no matter where the unit is. A group of investigators will tell you how to place the unit and what is the best place to put the unit. We will not just sell you the unit but we will help you, over the phone or through email, of where to install the unit.

In placing the order for the units, they will be drop shipped to your location. Upon receiving your unit, it will be activated either that day or within 24 hours of that day guaranteed! Providing the monthly rate has been prepaid upon ordering.

Chief Detective John M Mackey CEO PIIC CPO

MO License Number: 2010030941

Kentucky License Number: 135748

Trained and Qualified Professional Body Guard

Send us an email to order a SPEAR 1010 or call (888) 511-0498 and ask for GPS Spear division or extension 101! realtime trackers gps tracker for car tracking devices

SPEAR 1010 recovered after a 60 day use under a vehicle working on a child custody case! Case Solved

SPEAR 1010 recovered after a 60 day use under a vehicle working on a child custody case! Case Solved